Expertise and AI Hand in Hand

At We Translate, innovation is at the core of our approach. Leveraging our experience and vast database of anonymized documents, we created Juri, our AI dedicated exclusively to legal translation.

Juri: The Vanguard of Legal AI Translation

Juri, our Artificial Intelligence solution, is the result of in-depth expertise, similar to the most advanced GPT models. It dissects and interprets the source text, then reformulates it in the target language using advanced natural language processing techniques. Juri excels in translating your legal documents into English, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish.

Quality Guarantee

While trusting Juri for its accuracy, each translation is systematically reviewed by our expert legal translators. This combination of AI and human review ensures impeccable translation, adapted to the terminology specific to the destination legal system.

Advantages of Juri

  • Speed: Record-breaking translations, meeting all your deadlines, even the tightest ones.
  • Targeted precision: Not only do we speak your client’s language, but we also use terminology specific to their legal system.
  • Reduced costs: Thanks to Juri, enjoy competitive rates, reducing both translation time and your project’s budget.

Unmatched quality-price ratio

With Juri’s speed, competitive costs, and the guarantee of human review, we offer you the opportunity to translate large volumes of text with an exceptional quality-price ratio.

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