PACS with a Foreign Partner in France: Procedures and Requirements

PACS avec un étranger en France : Démarches et prérequis

The PACS (Civil Solidarity Pact) is a civil union that appeals to many couples, both in France and abroad. If your partner is of foreign nationality and you are considering entering into a PACS, here is a guide to the essential steps.

  1. Document Compilation: First and foremost, it is necessary to gather the documents to compile your PACS file. This includes a joint declaration, a PACS agreement (which can be tailored to your preferences), and sworn statements of non-kinship, non-alliance, and common residence.
  2. Foreign Documents: For the foreign partner, it is essential to provide a birth certificate and a certificate of non-PACS. If these documents are in a foreign language, a translation by a sworn translator will be required.
  3. Presence of a Sworn Interpreter: If your partner is not proficient in French, the presence of a sworn interpreter is strongly recommended during the signing to ensure a complete understanding of the commitment made.
  4. PACS Registration: Unlike marriage, a PACS does not require a ceremony. It is sufficient to register the PACS with the town hall of the place of common residence or with a notary.

In summary, entering into a PACS with a foreign partner in France requires special attention to the translation of official documents and may necessitate the involvement of a sworn interpreter. By planning ahead and being diligent in your steps, you will increase the likelihood of a seamless union.


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