Sworn Interpreters: Who Are They and What is Their Role?

Interprète assermenté

In our globalized world, transcultural communication has become commonplace, giving rise to the crucial role of sworn interpreters. But who are they exactly, and what is their role? This article aims to shed light on these questions.

A sworn interpreter is a qualified professional who has taken an oath before a Court of Appeals or a Court of Justice. They are authorized to conduct official interpretations in legal or administrative contexts, such as during a trial, hearing, marriage ceremony, or notarized act.

The primary function of a sworn interpreter is to ensure accurate and comprehensive communication between parties speaking different languages. This task can be particularly delicate, as it involves not only conveying the literal meaning of words but also capturing cultural nuances and the tone of the conversation.

A sworn interpreter must be capable of translating faithfully and precisely, without adding, omitting, or altering anything. It is a role of great responsibility, as an incorrect interpretation can have serious consequences, especially in legal situations.

Furthermore, sworn interpreters are bound by a confidentiality obligation, ensuring the protection of sensitive information that may be exchanged during the interpretation.

In summary, sworn interpreters play a crucial role in the context of international communication, ensuring that individuals, regardless of their language, have equal access to justice and administrative services.

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