Step-by-Step Guide for Document Translation to Cuba

If you are planning to translate a document from French to Spanish for business dealings with Cuba, carefully follow these crucial steps to obtain a recognized sworn translation by Cuban authorities.


1- Choose a Sworn French-Spanish Translator: 

The first step is to select a competent sworn translator to carry out the translation of the document into Spanish. Look for a professional with accreditation recognized by Cuban authorities.


2- Obtain the Sworn Translation:

Submit the document to the chosen sworn translator and ensure that the translation is certified according to Cuban standards. Verify linguistic accuracy and content consistency.


3- Legalize the Translator’s Signature:

After translation, the translator’s signature must be legalized. This can be done at the town hall or the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI).


4- Legalize Documents at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

For the sworn translation to be recognized nationally, the source and target documents must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This step reinforces the authenticity of the translation.


5- Legalize Documents at the Cuban Consulate:

The crucial final step is to legalize the documents at the Cuban Consulate. This is essential to ensure the official recognition of the documents by Cuban authorities.



By following these steps, you can ensure that your sworn translation meets the required standards for official use in Cuba. Opt for a smooth process by choosing an experienced sworn translator and strictly adhering to the legalization procedures.



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